Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting Ready

Our Japanese friends are always very generous to us, bringing each of us Japanese treasures when they visit, so one of  the things we needed to do before Luke left was to hunt down some small gifts for him to take along.

This was tricky! Luke was not going to check his bags, so we needed to avoid things that were big, contained liquid or were easily breakable.

We knew that Luke would have several hosts during his trip and would also be meeting some Japanese kids and even going to a school there, so we wanted to have LOTS of little things that he could give out along the way.

These are just a few of the things we sent him with, but you get the idea.... lots of stickers and flags, key chains, Texas made soap and candles, TONS of candy (there was way more than what is pictures here), American pokemon, Texas quarters and some $2 bills. 

While we shopped, Luke also found the shirt that he thought was most appropriate for his journey. 

Somehow, someway we got it all into his suit case.

All that was left was a whole lot of "don't for get to... " speeches from his Mom and Dad. and a few restless, sleepless hours before the big day.

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