Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ohayo Tokyo!

After Luke's time in Aizu with the Sagara family, they took him to the train station to head to Tokyo.

He got to ride the Shinkansen ( high speed bullet train)! You can read more about that here.

In just over an hour and half he arrived at the Tokyo station to meet Mariko and Suzuki's daughter Asae.

And here he is in front of the Tokyo station: 

From there they joined Asae's sister Miki and had some lunch. More noodles! With chopsticks!

After lunch Luke got to see something really spectacular. The Tokyo Tower!

This radio/communications tower is very very tall and offers spectacular view of Tokyo. When you look out on this massive city (over 8 million people!) it is just breath-taking. You can read more about it here

Here's a blurry picture of Luke heading up to the observation deck. I don't care how blurry it is, I love to see that happy face!

We've not been able to talk to him yet today, so we're not sure what all he did in Tokyo during the day besides the tower. We do know that he ended his day with another amazing treat. 

He had dinner on a a Yakatubune ship in Tokyo Bay!

The traditional boats sail around the harbor while guests eat dinner at tatami style tables. Afterward they can go out on the decks and enjoy the night lights of this beautiful city. 

We have not yet talked to him today (and hopefully is fast asleep somewhere in Tokyo now), but by the looks of it, he's having an amazing time!

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