Monday, May 6, 2013

Children's Day at the Soba Farmhouse

On Children's Day in Japan, Luke got to walk in the footsteps of his Dad, Mom and Nana. Each of us has visited the Soba Noodle Farmhouse, and once, many many years ago, Luke's Dad even took a "Flat Luke and James" (like Flat Stanley) for a visit there. We are trying to find pictures, but they are WAY deep in the archives!

In any case, we all knew that he was in for a real treat.

At this beautiful old farmhouse they make soba noodles with the help of a working water wheel. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat, which grows in the lush green fields of the Ibaraki prefecture.

Luke is getting a lot of practice with those chopsticks!

Here he is with his Japanese grandmom, Mariko.  She is taking such great care of him!

Looks like a satisfied customer to me! Here's a fun video showing how soba noodles are made.

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  1. oh I DO remember that wonderful place and it sure looks like his Japanese Grandmom is taking good care of him:) thank you, Mariko!